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What turbo trainer will allow me to link with Zwift?

Turbo Trainers are a great way to keep fit when it is out of season. A great way to enjoy riding when on a turbo trainer is using apps such as Zwift. This will allow you to virtually compete against other Zwift users and even against your friends so you can imagine the competitiveness when using Zwift!

We'd advice going for a Smart Trainer as most of these would be compatible with Zwift however you can use some 'Classic Trainers' so long as you have the right equipment to setup Zwift on a device like a computer. More information about Zwift compatible Turbo Trainers can be found below: 

Should you require any further assistance in regards to finding a compatible turbo trainer then feel free to chat with us via Live chat (Typically available between 06:00 and 21:45)